A Day In The Life Saturday 11th May 2019

Just finishing up Sleep by C.L. Taylor and A Summer To Remember by Sue Moorcroft. I’m on the blog tour for both books tomorrow & Monday. Both very different books and I loved them. A little strange but I read both of these together, in that I read one for a day then on to the other for the next day. Weird but I quite enjoyed coming back to each story.

So today what am I up to? Did you notice the reviews A-Z section on here? Well what I’m hoping to do is over time get all the reviews that I have done on my bookpage up here for you to have look at. It’s nice to have them all in the one place isn’t it.

I recently started watching Games of Thrones. I’m going on to episode 7 of Season 1 so that’s on the agenda for today. Maybe catch 2 episodes you’d never know.

I’ve gotten into a routine of writing on Saturdays so I’m hoping I’ll get a few thousand words done if I’m lucky, fingers crossed.

I’m starting Dear Lily by Drew Davis this weekend. Also on the agenda is a book by an author called Ali Mercer. Her book is Lost Daughter….

Other than that, I’m hanging out with the doggies today..

Enjoy your weekend…x

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